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At Sew N So Quilt Shop we want to help you continue your quilt journey…


I started sewing as a child with just bits and pieces of fabric left over from whatever relative I could find. Some from my mother and some from my grandmother and some from various aunts. I had cousins who would make just closets full of clothes that were so pretty and they would keep records of what they made and pieces of the fabrics they were made from and put them in the 4H workbooks. I did not pick up quilting until I married in 1973 and I loved it. My mother-in-law would make wonderful quilts and beautiful curtains and sell them to her niece who did home decorating. I wanted to be able to do those things too! I started quilting in earnest!!! Taking lessons and even purchasing a longarm machine so I could get them completed quicker!

During the past 5 years we have had customers in our shop in Northwest Georgia from all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii, and even a few from overseas which we love. Now we are expanding our reach by starting our online store and we want you to be as happy with our products and service as our local customers. You can call and talk or e-mail me about what you are wanting or trying and we will share what we may think will be the best solution for you. There will be a quilty person to talk with you or to call you back about your special project. We wish you creativity, joy, love and peace as you continue your quilt journey!


Where I can help others solve their quilting problems …


After retiring at age 62 and spending 2 years at home I decided that it was time for me to reach for my dream of opening a quilt shop. It seemed that someone up there was on my side because things just seemed to fall into place and I found a very nice location really close to my home. I had a friend who had previously owned a quilt shop and was now a fabric rep for one of the major manufacturers and I called her and she came right out and was a great help in getting me set up. I opened my “brick and mortar” store on April Fool’s Day in 2013 and I’ve been rushing to keep up ever since. My store has turned into my creative space where I can help others solve their quilting problems and make specialty quilts to order for those who have no desire to learn how to quilt. Teaching others is something that brings me joy and I can go home at night feeling at peace with the world after a wonderful day talking with friends and other “quiltaholics” and just enjoying the sense of connecting with like minded people.


My shop is filled with an eclectic collection of First Quality Quilt Shop Fabric and patterns and books and notions to help others achieve the wonderful look and feel of comfort that only a quilt can bring. I love the “old fashioned” look and have a huge selection of both Civil War Reproduction and 30’s Reproduction Fabrics. I remember my grandmother’s wearing dressing and having aprons made from some of these wonderful prints. I also keep plenty of fabrics on hand for my more modern clients and for those wonderful grandmothers who come in wanting to make something for that special grandson or granddaughter. I specialize in the customer who comes in and I can ask them what are you looking for or what do you want to make and hearing their answer and knowing I have the perfect fabric for them to create their much loved “grand” that much loved quilt or pillow. I totally adore getting pictures from our customers of the faces of their loved ones with their new quilts and their beautiful smiles and sometimes that look of wonder on their faces as they sit and pet that Christmas or Birthday Gift they never expected to look this wonderful.

Georgia Quilt Shop quilt

One Stop Shop Hop


Last year I heard about something called a One Stop Shop Hop which intrigued me. I quickly became involved and doing one here in Northwest Georgia. For our first ever event we had 17 vendors all set up at the Convention Center in Dalton, a very convenient location with wonderful lighting and lots of room and plenty of parking. For our first event we had 17 vendors of quilting related products including longarm machines, mid-arm machines, and domestic machines, fabrics, rulers, templates, thread, kits, and patterns abounded! We had over 600 customers who showed up for this event. This year we are going bigger and better! We have 40 booths, we have some challenges that have wonderful prizes and so much backing from wonderful sponsors and we are going to have a wonderful time.